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NBNSA Health & Safety Guidelines

Due to COVID-19, NBNSA has organized guidelines for return to play in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health department guidelines applicable to procedures for youth indoor sports. These guidelines will continue to evolve as the guidelines for our state and local municipality are updated. 

  • All Staff, Scorekeepers and Coaches are required to wear a mask while in the facility. 
  • Referees are required to wear a mask when not officiating. 
  • All Fans over the age of 3 MUST wear a mask & maintain social distancing (6 feet) from non-family members. 
  • Players must wear masks in and out of all facilities. These masks can be taken off once the team begins their pre-game warm up. Players may continue to wear masks during the games, but it is not mandatory. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all score tables. All players are required to sanitize their hands before and after each game. Game balls will be sanitized before, during, and after each game 
  • Coaches will refrain from yelling at officials during Covid-19 protocol. Any face to face arguing by an official or a coach will result in an expulsion from the event! 
  • NBNSA will add additional time between games for staff to clean & sanitize the space. 
  • NBNSA encourages individuals considered "high risk" to please stay home.
  • Only 1 parent per player allowed in. 
  • Teams, coaches, and their fans must depart the facility directly after their game ends. There will be NO post game bench/coach Meetings. 
  • Teams and coaches will enter the facility/gym no earlier than 15 minutes before their games (even if 1st game of the day). 
  • Sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the facility 
  • Fans will NOT enter the facility any earlier than 10 minutes prior to game time. This will allow plenty of time to get a seat within social distancing rules. 
  • There will be NO pre or post game handshaking and NO player will extend a hand to help another player up. 
  • NBNSA will sanitize and disinfect everything after each night.
  • No outside balls are permitted. 

"We are still here and NOT giving up basketball." 

Coach Lonnie Wright, founder NBNSA